240SX Exhaust Header

The exhaust system of your Nissan 240SX is among the systems that has received great innovations over the years. Although it usually is subordinate in importance when compared to the braking system or the suspension system, exhaust system is still among the aspects that receive frequent upgrades. That’s basically because of the need for a cleaner emission, which only a high-performance exhaust or upgrade of the exhaust system is the most effective solution. This system is made up of various parts – the exhaust manifold, the catalytic converter, the exhaust pipe, the muffler, and the exhaust tip. These are the components that handle the exhaust gases from the moment the gases leave the engine until the time they are delivered into the outside environment.

The exhaust manifold is the one responsible for collecting the exhaust gases from the engine, and its efficiency does not only affect the emission but the engine performance as well. Many vehicles are equipped with stock exhaust manifold, and though tuned to collect the exhaust gases, most exhaust manifolds were found to be among the causes of power loss in the engine. That’s basically because of backpressure generated as the flow of exhaust gases is affected. Manufacturers have thought of creating a component that will replace the manifold and reduce this problem – the headers.

Headers conserve engine power by eliminating backpressure. With this certain auto product, each cylinder is provided with its own exhaust pipe instead of a single pipe for all the cylinders such as with stock manifolds. All these pipes lead into a collector, and each is designed to keep gases from creating back pressure when they pass through it. Significantly, the power created by the engine is not wasted.

If you still have a stock manifold in your car, then you never know how much power your engine is losing just because of backpressure. Upgrading with a high-performance Nissan 240SX headers will best that can be done. Searching for the perfect product for your car is easy with the wide selection of headers offered in online stores. They come in various sizes and shapes and are of high quality for a lasting and a reliable service.

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