Nissan Maxima Clutches

You probably know that the wheels of your Nissan Maxima rotate and run because of the torque transmitted to it from the engine. And it is the transmission system in your car which is responsible for transferring this mechanical power. Located between the engine and the transmission is another component – your Nissan Maxima clutch kit.

The clutch is basically part of the transmission system, and it functions to efficiently engage and disengage the transmission from the spinning engine. It is composed of springs which press the pressure plate and the disc against the engine’s flywheel, locking the transmission and the engine and making them spin at the same speed. Stepping on the clutch pedal of your Maxima will make the springs pull the pressure plate away and disengage the clutch and the transmission from the engine. This engaging and disengaging process makes it possible to stop your wheels from running even when the engine is spinning. Without the clutch, you would have to kill the engine whenever you want to stop, which will be very inconvenient and time-consuming.

The disc in the clutch is composed of a friction material, and through time of engaging and disengaging, the material can wear out. The usual result of this is slipping, by which the ability of the clutch to transfer torque is reduced. Sometimes, the throwout bearing of the clutch can also get damaged, and among the indicators of this is a rumbling noise when the clutch is engaged.

If you suspect that your Nissan Maxima clutch is starting to fail, it is better to have it inspected. And when the damage is confirmed, you better get a new Nissan Maxima clutch kit. Nissan Parts Wholesale is among the reliable sources of high quality clutch for an efficient torque transfer to your wheels.

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