240SX Clutches

When you drive your Nissan 240SX, you see several pedals in the lower front of where your feet can reach. Each of these pedals has a specific function. These pedals are your access to the vital performance components of your vehicle, basically the mechanical parts. A simple press of your foot to any of these pedals sends a command to a particular system needed to do a certain job at a specific situation. Among which is the Nissan clutch pedal.
The clutch pedal is your access to your Nissan 240SX clutch, which in turn links the engine and the transmission of your vehicle. Clutch is the component which enables an efficient transfer of force from the engine to the wheels. It utilizes a plate which is considered as a part of the transmission. That plate is connected to the flywheel which is a part of the engine, significantly making the two primary systems to spin together in unison. Clutch also enables the vehicle to set to a full stop without the need of turning the engine off. By pressing the clutch pedal, the clutch plate is released from the flywheel, thereby disengaging the transmission and the wheels from the spinning engine. Upon disconnection, the wheels can stop spinning without affecting the engine operation.
The efficiency of your clutch depends on the quickness of its response when you step on the clutch pedal, and this is determined by the operating condition of its various parts. The component in a clutch that wears the fastest is the clutch disk, as it also contains friction materials that wear out as they make contact. Wearing occurs when the flywheel and the disc spins at different speeds. This normally results from slipping that’s caused by the disappearance of the friction material of the disc. If the condition is already severe, the worse that could happen is the inefficiency of power transfer from the engine to the wheels.
It is important that you replace any malfunctioning clutch component to ensure the proper transfer of power to your wheels. For an overall upgrade, you can resort to having a Nissan 240SX clutch kit through online auto parts and accessory dealers. A complete Nissan 240SX kit includes the basic clutch components to make your wheels perform better.

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