Front & Rear Maxima Axles

Your Nissan Maxima is composed of various kinds of axles, with each kind having a particular function. The axles are responsible for attaching the wheels together, for bearing the weight of the vehicle, and for the transfer of force to the wheels to make them run.

Your Nissan Maxima axle assembly is made up of an axle shaft, as well as inner and outer constant velocity joints. Its function is the seamless transfer of force from the transmission to the wheels even while the wheels are moving. As this transfer of force happens, the axle assembly has to handle the up-and-down motion of the wheels and the back-and-forth motion of steering, requiring for the presence of constant velocity joints. The joints are needed because of their ability to deliver constant force despite the various movements in the wheels.

The CV joints and the entire axle assembly have a lasting life provided that they are properly maintained. Their maintenance comes from the regular inspection of the constant velocity boots that cover the joints and the regular changing of the grease encased with the joints inside the boots. The joints are properly greased to keep their operation smooth, and they are covered to keep them lubricated, as well as protected from dirt and other foreign particles. Cracked boots usually cause the damage in the joints and the eventually to axle assembly. When the grease leaks and the dirt gets in, contamination and corrosion may set in, and you will hear a grinding noise when turning.

The grinding noise may indicate damage either in the joints or in the whole axle assembly. If the damage is not yet too serious, you may replace the CV joints. However, when it already reaches the axle, you are left with no option other than a new Nissan Maxima axle assembly. There are various products that you will find available in the market, and the difference lies in the quality of each product and their ability to handle your drive. Quality matters when it comes to a replacement axle assembly. Thus, trust only the most reliable auto parts and accessory providers.

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