Maxima Front Brake Pads

Does your Nissan Maxima squeal whenever you step on the brake pedal? This squeal can have a variety of causes, and among the primary braking components in your car that has something to do with this annoying noise are your Nissan Maxima brake pads.
The brake pads are the primary friction materials in the braking system. They are composed of a metal shoe and a lining. Mounted between the calipers and the rotors, the brake pads work by gripping the rotors tightly so to allow the creation of friction that will stop the spinning of the rotors and the wheels. As they operate, their linings are bound to wear-out. Hence, they need to be replaced regularly.
Wearing in the pads is among the causes of the squeal that you hear when you apply the brakes. Since it is important that a worn-out pad be immediately replaced, manufacturers have designed a mechanism that will warn drivers when the pads in their vehicle already need replacements. This mechanism can either be a thin piece of soft metal that triggers the squeal when the pad lining is already too thin. It can be a warning light that’s connected to an electric circuit or an electronic sensor. The total disappearance of the pad linings can also be another cause of the squeal. When the linings are severely worn, it is the metal shoe which will be forced against the rotors when the calipers clamp, and this metal to metal contact is among the sources of squealing in the brakes. Sometimes, too much metal in the composition of the pad lining also causes brake squeal. Dust and cold weather are also among the other catalysts that trigger this annoying noise.
It is important for you to determine the cause of the squealing in your braking system so that you can do the proper remedy to make your braking more comfortable, less disturbing and of course efficient. If it’s just dust, then simply cleaning your brakes will remove the squeal. If it’s the lining of the pad, then you can replace your pad with a product that consists less metal in the lining. And when you find out that the squeal is caused by a worn-out pads, then what you need to do is to get a set of Nissan Maxima brake pads. The industry’s market offers high quality pads for various makes and models, and from which you won’t have any difficulty finding the best product for your Nissan Maxima.

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