Control Arms Maxima

When talking about the handling and control of your Nissan Maxima, the first two aspects that usually come to mind are the steering and suspension systems. And the mention of the suspension will give you the vision of stuffs like shocks, struts, and coil or leaf springs. Among the simplest suspension components which are not as popular as those mentioned but perform a very important function, are your Nissan Maxima control arms.
A control arm is a bar that contains pivot at its ends. It attaches the suspension parts and the wheels to the frame of the vehicle, and controls the wheel movement as the vehicle runs. Using bushings and cylindrical linings, the control arm coordinates the motion of the wheels to the body of the vehicle, making the ride smoother and convenient with lesser flexes. Another variation of the control arm is the one called as A-arm. Instead of two ends, it contains three ends that form the letter A. And the third additional end significantly makes it stronger. The two ends of the A attach to the vehicle frame while the third attaches to the wheel’s spindle. Control arms are still of wide use despite the advantage of the A-arms when it comes to strength, in due of their lightweight material and capacity to get adjusted more easily.
Damage in your car’s control arms can have a lot of negative effects to your ride. Uncontrolled movements are among the immediate results of such problem, which is not only inconvenient and annoying but dangerous as well. Damaged control arms also cause fast wearing among the other vital suspension components of your Nissan Maxima. Because of all these negative effects, it is always recommended to have your control arms regularly checked together with the rest of the suspension parts in your car. And when you find any defect in them, your control arms must be immediately replaced.
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