Maxima Injectors

Everybody knows that fuel is the primary ingredient needed to run a Nissan Maxima. And the efficiency by which it is made available is made real by the various components of the fuel delivery system, the aspect designed to transfer this substance into the engine for power generation.
The gas that you have purchased from the gasoline station is stored in the fuel tank of your car, and this must travel to the engine whenever it is needed for the power production process. From the tank, the fuel is channeled to the engine by the use of a fuel pump. But before it reaches the engine, it still has to pass through another system known as the fuel injection. And in this system, there’s a device called fuel injector which directly sprays the fuel into each cylinder of the engine.
The Nissan Maxima fuel injector is the unit’s component that controls the amount of fuel reaching the Nissan Maxima engine. It’s basically an electric valve that opens and closes several times per second to spray fuel into the engine cylinders. Unlike carburetors of the past which make use of vacuum to pull fuel into the cylinders, fuel injectors are computer-operated for ensured operation efficiency. Significantly, the engine is given only the right amount of fuel, hence it’s able to attain the ideal air-fuel ratio.
The failure of the fuel injector will cause a lot of defects in your Maxima. Combustion efficiency will greatly be reduced and the emission control performance will also suffer. Fuel injectors can get clogged with dirt, and this will diminish the efficiency of the nozzle to open and close. When this happens, your engine may either get too little fuel or too much of fuel, which are actually both damaging to the operation and the condition of the various components in your car.

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