Joint, drive shaft 0211-B10ATLH


Nissan/Infiniti 39101-95F0C, 39711-ED105, 39100-ED305, 39101-95F0D

Characteristics 0211-B10ATLH:

  • Fitting side on the gearbox side
  • Fitting side front axle left
  • Gearing on gearbox side 22
  • Shim diameter [mm] 40
  • Outer gearing at gearbox side 25
  • Weight [kg] 1,824
  • Quantity 7

Equal velocity joints
If the traction from the engine via the gearbox needs to be transferred to the rear drive wheels, the maximum permissible deflection angles of the universal joints between the rear axle and the engine are sufficient. But what if the vehicle is front-wheel-drive and traction has to be transmitted to the wheels even when the wheels are turning? Equal velocity joints (“CV joints” or “grenade” in ordinary parlance) are used to resolve this situation.

There are several designs of constant velocity joints, but the most common are the ball joint and the tripod.

The ball joint consists of a housing that is machined into the shaft, a cage with a slotted hole to connect a second shaft and a ball and cage assembly. The whole mechanism is covered by a dust cover. The balls are mounted between the cage and the housing. When the angle between the first and second shaft changes, the balls inside start to roll, transmitting force from the body to the cage.

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