Exhaust for Maxima

When you peep into the undercarriage of your Nissan Maxima, you’ll see various components in the form of tubes shaped in different ways. All these tubes make up your entire Nissan Maxima exhaust system. This particular system handles the waste gases generated by your car’s engine during the combustion process together with the energy that powers your Maxima. This system is composed of various components through which the exhaust gases pass before they are finally emitted into the atmosphere. Each of these parts performs a function necessary for the efficient performance of the engine, the safety of the environment, and the comfort of the driver and the passengers.

The gases produced during combustion must be removed quickly to keep them from suffocating the engine. It is the exhaust manifold’s task to channel these gases away as fast as possible. The gases are directed into a collector and flow through the catalytic converter. The converter removes the harmful substances present in the gases through the processes called oxidation and reduction. This is important to keep them safe when emitted, so to help slow the progress of air pollution. After which, the gases will then flow into the muffler, where the noise that comes with them is reduced. Finally, the gases travel into the tail pipe and out into the environment.

All the exhaust components are made from high quality and strong materials to keep them safe from the damages brought by the chemicals present in the exhaust gases. They have also received various innovations because of the emission laws that have been made stricter. Part of the maintenance in your Maxima is the regular inspection of the various exhaust components. When any of them is discovered to have been damaged, it is important that they be immediately replaced to keep your emission efficient and legal.

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