Caliper Nissan 300ZX

The operation of the braking system in your vehicle starts with a simple press of your foot on the brake pedal. The force that you have exerted in the pedal, though very little compared to the huge weight of the vehicle that you have to stop, is able to deliver your car into a halt because of the force multiplication taking place in the braking system. Using a hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder, the force travels and acts on your Nissan 300ZX brake caliper, with which the actual stopping of your vehicle begins.

The brake calipers are simple hydraulic clamps shaped like a U, with pistons mounted in the inner side of the U and in whose inner area the rotors spin. It is the caliper which performs the actual task that leads to the creation of friction upon being triggered by the brake fluid. Once the brake fluid reaches the caliper, the caliper moves and pushes the pistons inward. The brake pads which are mounted in the pistons are then forced to move inward against the surface of the spinning rotors until the pads and the rotors establish contact. This creates the friction that stops the rotors and the wheels from spinning.

You can expect your brake calipers to last despite all the stresses that they encounter as you brake, but there is one maintenance step that you must do on your part – to replace the brake fluid regularly. The brake fluid accumulates moisture through time, and this moisture is harmful to the calipers as it can cause rusting in the calipers’ inside surface, leading to leaks and in the reduction braking efficiency.

If you find any leak in your Nissan 300ZX brake calipers, it is important that you replace them immediately. There are new or remanufactured products available in various auto parts stores. But you have to be sure that the products you’re purchasing are of high quality and are capable of handling the stresses of braking.

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