240SX Shock Absorber

The roads that every vehicle travels are far from being perfectly smooth and flat. Although the construction of roads has been carefully done to make them even, road irregularities and imperfections cannot be totally eliminated. In order to minimize the negative impact of all these flaws, the vehicles are equipped with mechanisms to adjust to road imperfections. And it’s the suspension system which is primarily designed to handle this particular problem.

The suspension system is responsible for the handling and control of your Nissan 240SX, as well as for your driving comfort. It is composed of various components that keep your drive stable and safe. They are able to do this by absorbing the shocks and motions brought by the road irregularities. Among the components in your suspension system are the coil springs, the ones that store the energy created by bumps. However, coil springs can only store energy, they cannot totally absorb them. For such function, there are the Nissan 240SX shocks.

Shocks and coil springs operate together. When your car encounters bumps, the coil springs compress to store the energy and keep your car stable. But since the springs only store energy, they are bound to release this energy afterwards by extending. Depending on the energy needed to be released, the springs may extend with uncontrollable rate, causing much movement in the suspension system that will be felt in the cabin. There is then a need for another mechanism to control the spring movement, and that’s when the shocks come in. Shocks provide a dampening effect on the spring motion to keep your car more controllable and manageable, keeping it free from too much movement.

When properly handled, shocks can last a long time. However, it is normal for them to experience gradual wearing through time of use. When such time comes, then you must get a high performance replacement to restore your vehicle’s efficient handling and control. And with the help of online stores that offer enormous selection of various Nissan 240SX shocks, you’ll apparently have the right product in no time.

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