Nissan 240SX O2 Sensor

Your Nissan 240SX is composed of various sensors. Each designed to perform an important function in the operation of the vehicle. Among the most essential sensors found in your car is the Nissan 240SX oxygen sensor. It’s the sensor designed to monitor the oxygen content of the exhaust gases to help ensure less harmful emissions.

An oxygen sensor can be considered as part of both the fuel injection system and the exhaust system. It is part of the fuel injection because the feedback that it provides is utilized by the car computer to adjust the amount of fuel supplied by the injection system into the engine. The ideal amount of air-fuel mixture must be maintained in order to keep the performance of the engine efficient. The proper operation of the O2 sensor guarantees that the fuel delivered into the engine will be efficiently burned, leaving the exhaust free from harmful unburned fuel, keeping the automobile environment friendly. Moreover, its efficient performance optimizes the use of fuel.

The operation of the sensor requires that it be mounted in the exhaust manifold, exposing it to the damaging chemicals and elements brought by the red hot exhaust gases. For this reason, an oxygen sensor needs regular replacement. An oxygen sensor is normally required to be changed after running 100,000 miles. Running with too old sensor is basically risking the life of the engine. Furthermore, both engine and exhaust performance will be affected, subsequently leading to poor fuel economy and production of highly toxic exhaust gases.

Ensuring a well-performing Nissan 240SX oxygen sensor assures you of saving more fuel and will help you pass emission tests. When the time for a replacement sensor comes, it’s good to know the best source for high quality replacements. There are various auto parts stores offering oxygen sensors, but the real benefit comes from dealing with trusted ones.

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