Nissan extends downtime at its Russian plant for another 3 months

Nissan extends downtime at its Russian plant for another 3 months

The Japanese automaker Nissan has decided to extend the downtime of the Russian plant in St. Petersburg for 3 months – until the end of December. This was reported by Reuters.

Production at the Nissan plant was suspended in the spring, after the start of a special operation. It was planned that the company would return to work in September, but this was prevented by problems with the supply of spare parts from Europe and Japan.

“Production in St. Petersburg is suspended until the end of December, employees have been informed. We continue to closely monitor the situation and will take the necessary measures,” a representative of the Japanese company told reporters.

The Russian Nissan plant, where 2,000 employees worked, has been located in the village of Pargolovo in the Leningrad region since 2006. Production capacity – 100,000 vehicles per year. The plant produced three models: X-Trail, Murano and Qashqai.

Nissan is one of four large Japanese companies that have decided to partially leave the Russian market after the start of a special operation in Ukraine. Japanese business as a whole is reluctant to leave the Russian Federation.

The company previously suspended production in Russia for the first half of the fiscal year, which began April 1.

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