Nissan introduced the updated model GT-R

GT-R Nissan

Instead of the expected premiere of a new generation, Nissan carried out another upgrade of the current GT-R. The car was slightly retouched in appearance and did not touch the equipment and interior at all.

The iconic supercoupe has had its bumpers, grille and aerodynamic body kit changed. And although the drag coefficient has remained at 0.26, the creators of the car assure that the GT-R is now even more efficient in terms of aerodynamics.

For example, a sleeker grille pattern is designed to reduce drag and improve cooling. The shape of the supports has been changed for the new rear wing, and the working area has been increased by 10 percent.

The GT-R T-spec version has returned to the supercar range. She has 20-inch forged wheels with gold accents, carbon-ceramic brakes, flared front fenders. The interior is trimmed with expensive dark green semi-aniline leather and suede.

The GT-R Nissan gets 20-inch forged wheels with red accents, a carbon-fiber hood with a see-through section, and a custom engine cover. In addition, this version has added a new body color Stealth Gray.

“Biturbo” 3.8 still produces 573 hp. and 632 Nm in the regular version and 608 hp. with 651 Nm in the GT-R Nismo variant. Through a six-speed “robot” with two clutches, the thrust is distributed to all wheels.

In May 2022, Nissan stopped accepting orders for the GT-R in the home market. Contrary to rumors about the end of the release, this was due only to a limited release volume. The company collected the required number of applications and began to fulfill them. Hope for the introduction of a completely new supercar this year remains.

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