Downpipe – Nissan + catalytic converter 180SX 200SX 240SX Silvia S13 S14 76mm

Cars have a catalytic converter in their exhaust system, which often fails due to poor fuel quality. Let’s find out what it is, what it’s for and what to do in the event of a blockage.

What is the catalytic converter

The catalytic converter cleans harmful exhaust gases. It is located in the exhaust system and a chemical reaction takes place during its operation: hazardous substances are transformed into harmless forms and are then ejected with the exhaust. The exhaust gases will then be cleaner once they have come this way. As a result, the vehicle is less harmful to the environment.
The neutraliser only works once it has been heated to 300°C, it is not cleaned immediately after the engine has been started.

In the event of problems with the catalytic converter it must be replaced. The best solution is to fit an original catalytic converter. All counterparts and cheats can lead to accelerated engine failure, make it impossible to obtain a diagnosis card, and create an additional burden on the environment.

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