Nissan Ariya tested “elk test”

the latest Nissan Ariya electric crossover with the traditional “elk test”

Electric crossover experts did not disappoint

Journalists from the Spanish automotive publication km77 tested the latest Nissan Ariya electric crossover with the traditional “elk test” for the portal. As part of the races, the test car must abruptly change lanes – as if meeting a real animal – into the adjacent lane without touching a single cone, remaining within the corridor allocated to the car, and then return to its own lane. Experts were very impressed with the behavior of new items.

The test turned out to be a front-wheel drive crossover with a single 218-horsepower electric motor mounted on the front axle and a 64 kilowatt-hour battery. Despite the lack of all-wheel drive, the Ariya proved to be very good in the driving test.

Experts noted minimal body roll and neutral handling, which, although lacking in sharpness in feedback, does not scare an inexperienced driver in an emergency. As for passing the “elk test”, the electric Nissan was able to pass the tests at the reference portal speed of 77 kilometers per hour.

This is better than many of the more expensive models found in similar tests. Last but not least, journalists attribute such outstanding results to the Evolve package – the maximum for an electric car – and the optional Sport package, which includes 20-inch wheels and Michelin Primacy 4 tires. All this also contributed to the final success of the model.

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