The new Nissan X-Trail is stylish on and off the road. A surprising combination of hybrid and 4×4

Nissan X-Trail

The new Nissan X-Trail went on sale this fall, but the first units will not reach customers until December. This did not prevent dealers of the Japanese brand from collecting orders blindly. Most customers (as many as 85 percent) decided to choose the most expensive version with an innovative hybrid system under the hood. We have good news for them – they won’t regret their choice. Nissan’s largest SUV launches with its visor open and ready to bite into the market pie from Asian and European rivals.

The new Nissan X-Trail is already the fourth generation of the car, which over the last two decades has transformed from an unattractive but functional off-road vehicle into an elegant SUV with rich equipment, modern design and quality workmanship worthy of producers bordering on the premium segment.

The new Nissan X-Trail has all the features that can cause a lot of confusion in the SUV D segment, where models such as the Honda CR-V, Peugeot 5008, Toyota RAV4 and Skoda Kodiaq have been pushing hard in recent years. Meanwhile, the Nissan X-Trail had its loyal audience, but remained in the shadows. Finally, there was an opportunity to shine and steal the show.

The new Nissan X-Trail surprises with a new look. It’s an elegant SUV

Nissan X-Trail

The fourth generation Nissan X-Trail looks very modern and dynamic. Sharp shapes and bold lines give the model a stable and athletic expression, which makes it impossible to confuse it with any other model offered by the Japanese. The front part of the body is decorated with impressive, narrow headlights embedded in the bumper. The daytime running lights were combined with the direction indicators and led along the line defined by the engine cover.

Muscular wheel arches emphasize the character of the car and remind of the off-road genes of the model, which in the latest version play a much smaller role. Hence the presence of 20-inch wheels and low-profile tires that give a clear signal about the destiny of the new generation. For an elegant look, the plastic exterior features are balanced with satin silver inserts and chrome accents.

The new Nissan X-Trail is now 4,680mm long, 2,065mm wide and 1,725mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,705mm. There are many connotations with the smaller Qashqai model in the exterior design. Both cars even share the same CMF-C floor platform, which was modified for the X-Trail.

The new Nissan X-Trail is a showcase of design talent

Boxy SUV bodies are always a huge challenge for designers who try to reduce air resistance at all costs. In the Nissan X-Trail, stylists have prepared some surprising solutions that improve airflow.

The key elements are the 3D fairings above the front wheels, an active engine hood, a special shape of the A-pillar, skid plates that control the air flow under the car and unique front air intakes that precisely direct the air flow to the sides of the car. Reading the description of advanced engineering and styling treatments, one can get the impression that we are dealing with a sports car.

The new Nissan X-Trail surprises with colors and quality finish

Nissan X-Trail

Customers should not complain about the possibilities of personalizing the appearance of the new X-Trail. Nissan has introduced 10 body colors and 5 two-tone combinations to its offer. In total, the configurator allows you to choose one of 15 combinations. The interior of the model is further proof that the new model is even more refined.

Finishing materials and contrasting caramel quilted leather give the impression that we are dealing with a car bordering on the premium segment. If you replaced the Nissan badge with Infiniti on the steering wheel, no one would complain.

Pleasant to the touch materials and soft materials are not only where the eye can see. The Japanese brand has learned its lesson from the expectations of European customers in recent years. Not without significance here is the experience gained from the long-term alliance between Nissan and the Renault brand.

The new Nissan X-Trail is packed with technology, but in moderation

The new X-Trail also made a technological leap in terms of cabin equipment. In this regard, many manufacturers try to make passengers happy beyond measure – they remove the classic buttons and install powerful touch screens, the operation of which causes more problems than good.

Nissan approached the subject with common sense. There are two large displays, and one of them is a 12.3-inch touchscreen multimedia system. There is support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which today is a market standard even in the cheapest models. But the most important thing about all this is that we somehow managed to keep the physical buttons and knobs that allow you to access the most important functions in the blink of an eye.

Another big plus for Nissan designers for installing two USB connector standards. Many manufacturers only mount USB-C inputs, while many devices still use the older type A.

The new Nissan X-Trail offers two or three rows of seats

Nissan X-Trail

The new X-Trail is even more spacious. In the first and second rows of seats, even very tall people will not polish their heads against the headliner, and their knees will not rub against the backrests of the seats. The rear seat offers an adjustable backrest angle and the ability to slide in the range of 220 mm. Thanks to this, comfort is far from sitting on a stool. By the way, it is worth mentioning the third zone of air conditioning with vents to the rear.

The car is available in a 5- or 7-seater version, but in the case of a larger variant, the third row of seats must be treated as a place for children. Occupying a seat in the last row requires the flexibility of a backyard cat. Access to the rear seats is appreciated thanks to the doors that open at an angle of 89 degrees.

Boot volume depends on the selected version and the configuration of the rear seat. The manufacturer states 585 liters when the rear seat is in the middle position and the backrest is slightly reclined.

Nissan X-Trail

New Nissan X-Trail with two engines, but 85 percent. of customers choose a hybrid

Nissan X-Trail hits the Polish market with two engine variants to choose from. The basic version has a turbocharged 1.5 petrol engine with variable compression ratio under the hood. It offers 163 hp (300 Nm) and drives the front axle via the Xtronic continuously variable transmission. The power unit is supported by a 12-volt mild hybrid system. Additional torque of up to 6 Nm can be obtained when accelerating.

The Polish branch of Nissan informed that customer interest in the above version is niche. As much as 85 percent orders are for versions with the revolutionary e-Power hybrid drive. This is a completely new solution, which we had the opportunity to check in the Qashqai model before. This is a completely different technology than in hybrids produced by Toyota.

New Nissan X-Trail with e-Power engine and e-4ORCE drivetrain, how does it drive?

Nissan X-Trail

The e-Power technology is a series hybrid in which the drive goes directly to the wheels from the 204 hp electric motor, bypassing the internal combustion engine. The X-Trail range also includes an e-Power all-wheel drive version (e-4ORCE). Then there is another electric unit with 136 hp installed on the rear axle. The total system output is then 213 hp. In both cases, the whole is complemented by a 1.5 combustion engine (158 hp), which does not drive the car but is used to generate electricity and charge a small battery (2 kWh).

This solution gives a substitute for driving an electric car. The torque available at the maximum value practically from the moment you start driving develops very smoothly. In the front-wheel drive version, the driver has 330 Nm at his disposal, and in the 4×4 variant, the second engine generates an additional 195 Nm.

The reaction to gas is very dynamic – like in an electric car, and the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h takes only 7 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the maximum speed has been limited to 180 km/h. However, this model is not about racing on a straight line, but smoothness and comfort of driving. The X-Trail meets the above requirements with five stars. Another point of advantage over the solutions used by the competition is the lack of the characteristic engine noise known from the CVT transmission. Passengers can travel in blissful silence.

New Nissan X-Trail with e-Power, how much fuel does it use?

Nissan X-Trail

When the X-Trail’s powertrain transitions from electric mode to battery charging mode, a soft hum comes from the engine compartment. However, after a few kilometers, you do not pay attention to it. Fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer is 5.8-5.9 l/100 km for the front-wheel drive version and 6.3-6.4 l/100 km for the e-4ORCE variant.

These are very realistic values ​​that can be achieved by driving calmly and respecting speed limits. Considering the dimensions and rich equipment of a large SUV – this is a very good result.

New Nissan X-Trail 4×4, how does e-4ORCE work?

The first generations of the Nissan X-Trail were praised for their efficient four-wheel drive and off-road capability. The new incarnation retains the high ground clearance (198 mm), but the propeller shaft has disappeared. Instead, an additional engine was installed at the rear axle. Therefore, the four-wheel drive in the new model should be treated rather in recreational terms. Interestingly, the electric motor gets the right driving force on the rear axle 10,000 km/h. times faster than a mechanical four-wheel drive system.

Despite these changes, the X-Trail will cope with slippery, muddy, loose surfaces and deep potholes without major problems. You can move it without much fear on a soggy road in the forest or snow-covered, hilly routes near ski resorts. It will handle as much as the road tire tread will allow it.

Off the asphalt, the 360 ​​camera system works perfectly, and when driving on hills, the situation is saved by the camera mounted in the radiator grille.

Nissan X-Trail

New Nissan X-Trail in Polish showrooms, how much does it cost?

Nissan X-Trail is available in Polish showrooms from PLN 181,500. This is the price of the version with the 1.5 V-CT MHEV (163 HP) XTRONIC 2WD combustion engine in the 5-seat variant with N-Connecta equipment. You have to pay 4,000 extra for an additional row of seats. zloty. The most expensive version of the Tekna equipment with this engine costs from PLN 199,850.

The cheapest variant with the e-Power drive system (204 hp) and front-wheel drive costs from PLN 196,200 in the N-Connecta version, and in the Tekna version from PLN 215,550. Nissan X-Trail with e-Power engine and e-4ORCE drive (213 HP) costs from PLN 206,200 (N-Connecta). The more expensive variant (Tekna) is available from PLN 225,550. The most expensive variants in the price list cost from PLN 210,200 (N-Connecta) or PLN 228,550 (Tekna).

The basic equipment of the N-Connecta includes, among others: 18-inch alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, roof rails, FULL LED headlights, NissanConnect multimedia system with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, three-zone automatic air conditioning, intelligent 360 cameras, digital clocks with 12.3-inch TFT display.

The top-of-the-line Tekna trim includes the following: 19-inch alloy wheels, LED fog lights, BOSE audio system, ProPILOT Assist, 10.8-inch head-up display, ProPILOT Park intelligent parking POWER), electric and wireless tailgate control.

Depending on the selected paint, the customer will have to pay an additional fee of PLN 3,200 for a metallic paint to as much as PLN 6,200 for a two-color paint. The surcharge for the Premium package including a panoramic sunroof and leather upholstery costs PLN 17,100.

New Nissan X-Trail, who is this model for?

The new Nissan X-Trail will meet the expectations of those looking for an economical and family SUV equipped with all the latest technical innovations. An interesting appearance, rich equipment and modern drive technology can convince skeptics who have not visited the showrooms of the Japanese brand so far.

The Japanese SUV convinces with driving comfort and practicality, which is complemented by an uncomplicated but very effective four-wheel drive. The car is not cheap, but the customer choices so far (85% chose the most expensive e-Power e-4ORCE version) show that the price is not an insurmountable barrier. Everything indicates that the X-Trail will be a frequent sight on Polish roads.

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