Nissan, which left Russia, extended certificates for three models until 2025

Nissan extended certificates for three models until 2025

Nissan got rid of Russian assets following Renault and left our market, taking Infiniti with it. The Nissan plant in St. Petersburg was transferred to us, and non-localized cars of both brands have not been delivered since March. Despite this, the other day, three Nissan models at once received updated Vehicle Type Approvals, which are valid until November 2025 – these are Qashqai, X-Trail and Terrano, the latter being produced at the facilities of the already defunct Renault Russia plant. The assembly site still appears in the document.

The extended OTTS mentions not only the ex-Renault plant in Moscow, but also the St. Petersburg enterprise. It is worth noting that under the terms of the deal with the Russian authorities, both Renault and Nissan provide for the possibility of repurchasing their assets over the next six years, that is, until 2028. At the same time, certification documents have been extended until 2025.

Dealers are currently selling off remnants of Nissan vehicles that were produced or imported into the country prior to March 2022. Stocks are gradually running out: for example, according to the Association of European Businesses, in October, Russians purchased a little more than 1.2 thousand cars, while in January and February, Nissan sales exceeded four thousand units. As for Infiniti, as of early November, there were about a hundred unsold cars across the country.

Nissan and Infiniti are included in the Parallel Import List, which allows vehicles of these brands to be imported into the country without the permission of the copyright holder. Earlier it became known that the Russian government is ready to exclude Nissan from this list, but only on the condition that the company establishes a high-quality after-sales service for already sold cars.

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